Our beloved Misty the Grey, has once again found her wings and feet and flown over the rainbow bridge. The last 2 years have been hard for her, she
had a broken wing, then a broken leg, so was pretty crippled. She still liked a good scritch, and loved her millet.
The last 4 months we had been battling a nasty infection. 3 rounds of anti biotics. Today I found her pressed between her food dish and the cage wall, still alive, but obviously stressed. with her disability, she had been unable to get herself unstuck. I got her out, and she was still in distress, so I rushed her over the hill to the vet clinic who has the only other avian Dr. Dr. Ako, unfortunately was out of the office until Friday. She was in my lap getting scritces the whole drive. The vet put us into a room, but she passed away in my hands before the dr. arrived.
She knew she was loved all the way to the end, and at least she was in my hands when she went, peacefully.
I'm not sure if I want to get another bird, it hurts too much when they pass.

Fly free again my beauty.