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Thread: Looking for breeder

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    Looking for breeder

    Hi! For months now I've been looking for breeders in Scotland but I can't find any online, is there anybody who can tell me where can I buy a Lutino male cockatiel? I'm going nuts here! 🤣

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    Re: Looking for breeder

    It is hard to find them depending on where you live. I have no idea where you can find one where you live but have to suggest try looking for bird sanctuaries and rescues and hopefully you can find one in your area. I live in California in the USA and there is so many bird rescues here that are really good to the rescue birds. The biggest ones usually have the birds go to different foster homes that teach all the birds how to be social and loveable. They vet check them all too so if it were me I would search for a rescue and hopefully you can find one near you.
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