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Thread: What does it mean when a one month old baby lovebird squeaks

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    What does it mean when a one month old baby lovebird squeaks

    Hey, well im new to raising a baby lovebird, and my one month old baby lovebird after i finish feeding her she start to walk around and squearing and i dont really understand what she want. So i would be thankful if you guys will help me understand her😁

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    Re: What does it mean when a one month old baby lovebird squeaks

    Hi, and welcome. The squeaking is entirely normal. All baby parrots, no matter the species make those sounds. It is a baby sound, and your new lovie, is most probably calling for its parents, and now it is you she is calling. This sound can mean she is hungry, but sometimes the baby is completely full, so if you have just fed her, and her crop is full, do not feed her again. Wait until the normal time you would feed her. Babies can make that sound even after they have learned to perch, and can fly. Even up to three or more months old, but she will forget it in due time.

    We will watch for updates and pictures.
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    Re: What does it mean when a one month old baby lovebird squeaks

    I watched a big Cockatoo baby get fed once and he did the same thing. It was almost like he was begging for more food but his crop was totally full of food that was just fed to him. The store girl who fed them so it was perfectly normal and just a baby thing.
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