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Thread: Recommended book

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    Thumbs up Recommended book


    If this post should be elsewhere on the site , let me know to move it.

    Last year I lost a few of my cockatiel family members, and when looking for information it was very hit and miss. We inherited a bird which turned out to have Circovirus, which is non curable and ultimately deadly to birds, tiels in particular. Not knowing anything about it, after scouring for information I landed up on Dr Ross Perry website in Australia, who is a a vet and it appears the only one to have studied the disease. Long story short he is a Cockatiel expert who has published various books, and comparing his to others available, gets down to the ugly truth he has encountered of how not to raise tiels, with really invaluable information on the correct way to raise them.
    If you're looking for a really good care and information manual , then i can highly recommend you visit his site and have a look.

    NOTE: I must stress that the some of the pictures in his book are upsetting, but are the hard truth of how some people look after their tiels.


    Hopefully this book will be insightful to others as it was to me.

    Again apologies if teh post should be elsewhere


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    Re: Recommended book

    Hey there Kevin,
    It's always good to have resources available in regards to caring for our beloved fids. I have looked at the site and I like the idea that this person has the books for within and outside of Australia. Resources are always a good plus for me. Thanks for sharing!!
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    Re: Recommended book

    Thank you for sharing this with us here. I have know people who have had birds with this horrible diesese and it is a good thing to have here so anyone searching this site will find your link to the book.

    I am sorry your birds have this and my thoughts go out to you because this has to be one of the worst things to see your bird have. It has to be emotionally so hard on you.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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