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Thread: Adopting a bird

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    Adopting a bird


    When I was twelve I was given a green cheek conure as a gift, I had already investigated life as a bird owner and every article on bird ownership. This bird changed my life, and for years we were inseperable. She died more than a year ago, she was a family bird so we were all heartbroken, but it took me months to live with it and days to go back to school despite my academic reputation in highschool.

    It's been hard without her, and though she was far from my first pet, her death left an impact. Now, I have been looking forward to welcoming a bird companion but I have so much inner turmoils about everything so I am asking for advice.

    I am looking forward to this bird around my highschool graduation. I will have the summer to bond and I want to get them in an early stage of my life, they are life companions after all. I understand that there might be questions on my commitment as i am entering college. I plan to attend a nearby University, so I would be living at home. Unless of course, I obtained a scholarship that payed for my dorm life and was required to live in our dorms. Despite my academic achievements I find this an unlikely possiblity. I understand college is a busy time in our lives, but I have spoken and lived with, people who have attended this college and they have assured me that college will not be a lot more demanding than highschool, (I have taken college courses and challenging ones) I have full confidence I will be able to balance my home life and school life.

    Then comes the bird themselves. I am experienced, I owned my bird for a long time and after her death, I was constantly volunteering at bird rescues which has expanded my knowledge constantly. I have looked at the lilac Amazon, which seems a suitable lovely partner, but difficult to find. I love the personality of the caiques. I have looked at the conure family and have gone back and forth with the jendays and blue crowns, but they're loudness scares my family. But my main considerations, lie in the Amazon's and the green cheeks. I fear that a green cheek would be too painful, but I have always loved the green cheeks. In the rescue as well. But I also feel ready for an Amazon who I hear, are wonderful companions. After all, I am looking for a cuddly, playful, and intelligent companion. I am also wondering about crimson bellied conures.

    Also, despite having been hoping to adopt, I will be getting a baby from a family friend. I want a lasting bond, and I have worked endlessly for birds in adoption for a very long time.

    So I need advice for everything mentioned. Thank you for reading all of this and hopefully you will give me advice on anything I have mentioned. It would mean a lot.
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    Re: Adopting a bird

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. I feel you can work around your college schedule since you will be at home living, and I would imagine your mom and dad would help with your new bird, if you could not do so on occasion.

    The on!y birds I have homed over the years are cockatiels and budgies, so I cannot advise about the choices you are considering. But we do have conure and Amazon owners here, and I am hopeful they will respond to you. It is great you have a breeder lined up already. Good !uck with your bird adventure. I hope you will find the most beautiful and loving bird you are looking for. We will welcome your updates.

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    Re: Adopting a bird

    Dear friends, I understand that it took you a long time to overcome the sadness of losing a bird that you really love. However, this life is originally like that, this is a rule. And I'm glad today you opened your heart and received new joy.
    I strongly support you looking for another lovely bird. Whichever bird you choose I will not oppose, because it will be the most wonderful and suitable thing for you. However, you are afraid of having trouble going to college because you don't have enough time. Don't worry it won't be too hard. I guarantee, so look for another bird with me. Congratulations and look forward to new updates from you

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    Re: Adopting a bird

    Welcome to the forum. My sister has a Orange wing Amazon, Mango and he is quite a loud mouth when he wants to be but also very loveable as well. They are lots quieter then my lovebird who cheeped constantly was but so much louder then your conure was. I love that Amazons can talk and some of them can talk very well. Mango yells more then he talks but if he charming you he will pin his eyes and tell you sweet words to charm you. I also am in love with my daughters Pineapple conure, he is such a clown and talks and talks to get your attention. I have only seen one crimson bellied conure before and it was stunning. If they have the personality of a green cheek I think I would go for one of them. They are so sweet but that is just my preference. With Mango he is a great bird but boy is he messy and so loud at times that its shocking. I would rather snuggle a loveable green cheek any day over a Amazon. But and it is a huge butt, Mango is sassy at times and very moody and he has bitten me a few times really hard so that may be why I would get a green cheek just because them Amazon beaks tear your skin off sometimes and it is not pleasant. They are usually great birds but when they get hormonal they get really moody and I know Mango cannot control his raging hormones at all.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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