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Thread: Macaw cut face with claw...HELP!

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    Macaw cut face with claw...HELP!

    Kappy is a B&G macaw, He cut his face pretty bad sometime yesterday, I am assuming with a claw while scratching, on the while area under the little black feather lines , now it has swollen and turned reddish down at the bottom of the white skin area where it meets the feathers,
    What can I do? I live over 4 hours from closest vet, so a vet isn't going to help.
    What can I use on him to curb infection close to his eyes?

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    Re: Macaw cut face with claw...HELP!

    Hi, and welcome to the community. The reddish brown color could very well be dried blood. Try using a little Dawn dish soap, mixed with water, to clean that area, if he will let you. Then, take a few drops of pure olive oil and gently rub over the wound. You don't want to use alot of oil, because it sticks in the feathers. Olive oil is medicinal and is healing to sounds.

    I hope he is doing ok today! Anytime a bird bleeds, take some white flour and put over the wound to stop the bleeding, or septis stick like men use when they cut themselves while using a hand razor.

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