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Thread: Hormonal GCC is driving me insane

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    Hormonal GCC is driving me insane

    Hi friends! I have a freshly turned 6-year-old male green cheek conure who has always been somewhat volatile (in typical conure fashion), but hormone season is really hitting us hard. He is an absolute terror.

    Whenever he is not receiving attention he shrieks out a squealing cry nonstop that sounds like EEEE! EEEE! and starts trying to eat through the door. Whenever I concede and try to give him attention, he flies and mobs me immediately when I enter the room. I am his 'mate' and he has been known to be possessive of me normally anyway, but with hormones it's full tilt. He's bitten my cheek, my nose, my neck, and my hands are covered in angry red wounds. I love him and want to give him attention but it's practically impossible without getting savaged.

    I have been trying to see if more time locked up will change his attitude, but that poses its own danger - last week one of the budgies flew and clung to his cage bars and in his territorial rage he bit her foot and she lost a tablespoon of blood and scared the hell out of me.

    Facts about their living situation:
    • The birds have their own cages in a closed-door bedroom of their own and are allowed to fly freely.
    • They have shredding toys, bells, etc
    • Feeding Harrison's High Potency Superfine (I would switch to normal but I still have ~2lb left of high potency), and they get a spray of millet daily.
    • I have them on a 7:30-7:30 schedule (conure wakes up at 7:30 so I put them to bed at the same time). I am currently using a night light because occasionally the budgies have night terrors. (But as of right now I am not covering the cages with blankets, that's something I think I will try next)
    • I put AviCalm in the water
    • They used to have a clock radio before someone pushed it off the side table and broke it, I'm working on getting a new one

    Any tips on helping me maintain my sanity during this extremely trying time, or even just words of encouragement, would be helpful. It is so hard not to react when he bites the hell out of me. (The pain of it really makes you imagine throwing him out the window like a football).

    Here he is, the Demon Dinosaur:

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    Re: Hormonal GCC is driving me insane

    Yikes, I feel for you. My daughter has a normally sweet green cheek conure (Tikki) who is a sweetheart most of the time but he acts like your Conure when he gets hormonal. My daughter usually leaves him in his cage so he can be a grumpy mean green bird in his cage. He really attacks her husband but will also attack her if he feels angry enough. With your two other budgies in the room with him this could be very dangerous for them because sadly they have already been bitten. Is it possible at all to wheel your GCC's cage out into a different room to keep the budgies safe from him? If not I honestly cant give you any ideas because birds will be birds and the two budgies might just fly and land on his cage again and get bitten. Hormones can last a very long time. They are vicious birds when those hormaones start raging inside of them!
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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