Hi guys Iím new here, not entirely sure how this works. I have an 11 month old yellow sided green cheek conure named Baby and a pineapple head conure named Lulu. On March 9th we were trimming the birds nails and Baby, hating being held, moved his foot and resulted in us cutting the nail way too short and bleeding. We knew what to do, we stopped the blood using a cornstarch because itís used as a clotting agent. after that, baby started preening his foot and feathers and eating. I checked up on him the entire night and the following days after that. Today is March 30th and baby is still not evenly distributing his weight on both feet. I notice itís kind of wobbly when he tries to balance on it alone. When he perched on my hand or finger he doesnít completely grip it like before. Baby grew in his wings so heís been flying normally and he plays the same as the day I got him and remains loving and outgoing. Now the strange part, the other day I noticed his foot a little orange. I didnít pay too much attention to it because he was playing with an orange tinted toy all day. But after a light bath and giving it another day, I find that his foot is still orange. Is the foot bruised? Is it because of the trim that it bruised? And how long does recovery for a close trim usually take?