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Thread: HELP, My conure is in pain

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    HELP, My conure is in pain

    Hi guys Iím new here, not entirely sure how this works. I have an 11 month old yellow sided green cheek conure named Baby and a pineapple head conure named Lulu. On March 9th we were trimming the birds nails and Baby, hating being held, moved his foot and resulted in us cutting the nail way too short and bleeding. We knew what to do, we stopped the blood using a cornstarch because itís used as a clotting agent. after that, baby started preening his foot and feathers and eating. I checked up on him the entire night and the following days after that. Today is March 30th and baby is still not evenly distributing his weight on both feet. I notice itís kind of wobbly when he tries to balance on it alone. When he perched on my hand or finger he doesnít completely grip it like before. Baby grew in his wings so heís been flying normally and he plays the same as the day I got him and remains loving and outgoing. Now the strange part, the other day I noticed his foot a little orange. I didnít pay too much attention to it because he was playing with an orange tinted toy all day. But after a light bath and giving it another day, I find that his foot is still orange. Is the foot bruised? Is it because of the trim that it bruised? And how long does recovery for a close trim usually take?

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    Re: HELP, My conure is in pain

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I would say the orange is probably from the toy. Being so small and having small bones, the foot and leg can both be affected by the nail bleeding. Sometimes the foot gets stiff. And it does affect the perching. You could consider calling an Avian vet in your area, tell them about the incident, and explain how the foot and leg are now, including the orange foot, and they will be able to tell you if a vet should take a look at the foot.

    I have over clipped budgie nails myself, and it happens to most of us, on occasion, so do not be hard on yourself. For peace of mind, make the call. And, if you choose not to, keep a watch on the foot and leg. If you see blood, or the foot getting limp, or bluish in color, then you would need the vet, because the foot is not getting circulation. We will watch for updates.

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    Re: HELP, My conure is in pain

    I really do hope the orange is really just the toy because it does sound like it is since the toy is orange. Boomers vet use to snip a toenail to take blood for the blood work they did on him. Sadly he was a sick boy his last years so he had many of his nails cut short. It was painful for him and for days, sometimes over a week he wouldn't perch with it and held it up instead. At night was when it bothered him the most because he couldn't perch with it and I would hear him moving around more when he was usually sleeping. Since its been so long since this happened I would be a little bit worried and call the vet to see what they say about it.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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