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Thread: Newly born budgie hatchling not fed by hen

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    Newly born budgie hatchling not fed by hen

    I have just noticed that the first chick hatched by my budgie hen has not been yet fed by her after almost 30 hours have passed. Although both the parents appear quite caring and are constantly siting in the nest, it seems very unlikely of them as the chick’s crop is thin and empty. The colour though is still pinkish and I could hear a little chirp a few hours ago, but not since. Kindly suggest what to do?

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    Re: Newly born budgie hatchling not fed by hen

    Hi, and welcome!! It is unbelievable this little baby has lived that long with very little or no food. I suggest you immediately go to the petshop, get a can of baby bird powder formula and a syringe Then, go on YouTube and search....handfeeding baby budgies and watch them being fed. Also, do a google search....handfeeding baby budgies. Gather all info you can find.

    The baby will need to be fed about every 2 hours at first. Begin at 6 am each day, until evening. You need to feed right before 10 pm. And then about 1 am, as well, for a week or ten days. Watch the baby through the night to be sure it is warm to the touch, and skin does not look bluish or grey color. Then after the ten days, you can discontinue the 1 am feeding, but feed early of a morning, 6 am for starting the day. In about two weeks, you can begin feeding about every three hours, and conclude the day at the 10 pm feeding. Then by three weeks, you can add a few millet seeds into the formula. You will see how fast they do grow.

    Hopefully, the parents will not give you trouble removing the baby to eat. There is also the possibility the parents may be aggressive with the baby when you put it back in the cage. I am inclined to not trust tbe parents with the baby, so, I suggest getting a 5 gallon aquarium. And a small heater to hang on the outside of it, to keep the baby warm. I would put some small pieces of flannel on the bottom of the aquarium, inside, to keep the baby warm as well. I would keep the baby close by me, during the day and night and feed as I suggested.

    Some parents are not mature enough to feed the new babies as they should. And a baby can die very fast without food. This little one is already a miracle. Please keep us posted, and good luck with the baby and handfeeding. Do not be surprised to see parents mating again. Birds are procreators, and have mating and babies on their mind all of the time. We will watch for updates.
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