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Thread: I'm new and getting a budgie

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    I'm new and getting a budgie

    This is my first post and I am a little nervous I apologise in advance for any mistakes. Before I go onto what I would like to say that is forum is amazing in the way of support and tips to give a budgie the best life.
    I am going to get a budgie from a breeder; this breeder has recently hatched a new set of budgies so I have 8 weeks to get as much knowledge as possible to give the budgie the best life. I just have a few questions that would really help me out, I will put them in a list in hopes to make it easier to answer.
    - What is the youngest age to take a budgie in because I thought that you have to wait 8 weeks from the time the bird hatches but on some other threads there are people who have adopted budgies a 6 weeks old.
    - I am only getting one budgie as I have a lot of free time on my hands this is because I have a part time job that only lasts a few hours. What is the best way to bond with the budgie
    - How do I pick healthy birds
    - Is it possible to see a birds personality when at the breeders aviary
    -Easy and fast ways to tell the gender of a bird specifically cocks
    -The breeder is going to hand tame the new batch for me, what does that mean for me when I bring him home
    -What are rare types of budgies
    I think that is enough questions for now. Please feel free to add anything such as trick or tips and thanks in advance for the answers

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    Re: I'm new and getting a budgie

    I did not quite understand you have 8 weeks for gaining knowledges, etc, but it does not matter.
    I will try to answer to what I think I know something.
    I would personally vote for 2 budgies, but.. ok.
    I was not taming budgies never, so I can not help here. Some mutations are hard to say the gender within 8 weeks, like some white ones.
    It is not easy to say the personality from watching few minutes in the aviary.... males are more chirping and females are more interested in looking for holes, bird boxes, etc.. usually.
    The budgie should not be apathic, puffed up, should not have dirty vent from poops.
    He might have polyuria due to stress, so polyuria or diarrhea itself is not a significant mark of healhy budgie or budgie with health problems.
    What does it mean that the breeder is going to hand tame the new batch for you?
    Probably more people on forums will advice you to feed budgies pellets, but I would not prefer that. Seeds with sproated seeds, herbs and some cherrie fruits and salads are enough for them. Maybe some supplements with iodine, a bit of vitamine D, some amino acids.

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    Re: I'm new and getting a budgie

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Here in America, we usually do not bring budgies home from the breeder until the baby is about 12 weeks old. The babies need to be with parents for that length of time, as well as for their health. It is great the breeder will be hand socializing them. That always helps when you first bring them home, because they are not as frightened of you and their new home. A healthy baby will be active, with bright eyes, and beautiful feathering. He or she will be eating seeds and drinking water, and playing with his or her siblings in the aviary. The cere, which is a spot right above the beak will be dark or light blue in color, for males. And ivory or tan color for females. With modern mutations, it is much more difficult to sex the babies, so, I would ask the breeder if he or she does DNA sex testing. Many breeders provide that service. You can google budgie mutations. There are excellent sites on the web. One is The Budgie Place. You will find pictures of and descriptions of different mutations.

    Many breeders allow you to pick out your bird, and then they will keep the bird for awhile longer until the baby is doing well, and will not have issues when it arrives at its new home. All birds have their own personality. Generally, males are more active, and can learn to whistle and talk. Females are more docile. Also, a hen cash lay eggs after she grows to be about 9 months old, and does not have to be paired up with a male to lay eggs. There are many single hens.

    Budgies do well being the only one. Get a couple of small mirrors for the cage, and a swing. They love their mirror girl or boy friends, and the swing. Budgies are hardy, loving, and special little parrots. They love to et, drink, and listen to music and the Disney Channel on the TV..

    I have homed budgies for years, and positively love therm! They are a wonderful addition to our life and home.
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