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Thread: Help wanted from bird owners for a thesis project!

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    Help wanted from bird owners for a thesis project!

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm a student at the Swedish Agricultural University and I'm doing a survey about our pet birds bathing behaviour for my bachelor thesis in animal science. Not much information is currently available and hopefully my work can contribute to a greater understanding and widen the perspective to how birds bathe. For that I need all of your help! So I appreciate if you have some time to answer a few questions about your wonderful birds ^^. The survey is species specific so 1 answer per species, the reason for this is to be able to analyze the data and see if there exist any species preferences. Even if your birds aren't a fan of bathing or just don't bathe whatsoever your answers are valuable. Feel free to type out how you deal with your birds in any free space if no answers suits you. All bird species are welcome and needed!

    I'll be putting this survey up on other sites as well but I appreciate it if you want to share this survey with other people for the maximum amount of answers.


    This survey will accept answers till the end of Monday the 13th of April (Timezone GMT+1).

    Thanks for your time and interest!
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    Re: Help wanted from bird owners for a thesis project!

    Hi, Daniella, and from one proud, 100% Swedish gal, to another, welcome to the community. When I saw you were from Sweden, I had to do your survey. I have homed budgies and cockatiels for many years.

    My grandparents immigrated from Smolan and Oskarsom, Sweden in the middle 1800s, to America. My mom's father, was 7 years old when tbey came to America. I was taught at a very young age about the Swedish traditions, and especially Christmas traditions. I love the foods, the Swedish Lutheran Church, the church music, and the meaning of being in a Swedish family.

    My father was a farmer, my mother raised ducks, geese, chickens, and made butter, cream, and baked delicious Swedish Ryebread, and Swedish bullas(rolls). She was an awesome cook as well.

    I wish for you huge success in your animal science career. And keep your Swedish traditions, and heritage close to your heart, like I have done my whole life. I am a grandma of 4 beautiful granddaughters, ages 31, 29, 17, and 16. I have taught them about Swedish traditions as well!

    I have completed your survey. Good luck in your new career!!
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    Re: Help wanted from bird owners for a thesis project!

    I just did your survey for you. Our bird here is my daughters GCC Tikki and that boy cannot keep himself out of water. If he hears the faucet running he is flying towards the water to hop into it. If we pour our self any kind of drink he will be right there trying to hop into the liquid. He is a bathing "freak"
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Help wanted from bird owners for a thesis project!

    I did your survey. Tango usually goes in the shower with my husband before he soaps up.. Cockatiels are very dusty birds, this helps control his dander. Good luck with your survey.
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    Re: Help wanted from bird owners for a thesis project!

    Sorry I missed out on taking the survey. My cockatiels love to bathe in shallow dishes. My Yellow Naped Amazon bathes outdoors when it rains or when I turn on a hose with a gentle sprinkler head on the end. He puts his wings forward over his head like Dracula using his cape, LOL. My pet House Sparrows loved dust baths.
    I don't know if this information can help you, but, I tried. Good luck with your survey!
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