I'm sure this is nothing new to all of you experienced bird lovers, but is it typical for my budgie to be kind of "moody"? Some days I notice that he's excited to see me - does the jumping all over the place, climbing up and down his cage, chirping, etc. But then other times, I go to sit at his cage and he just sits on the upper perch and stares at me, acting like he's tired or something. He doesn't act scared...just not very excited. And there are times when I try to give him millet, he nibbles a few grains and then hops off my finger and back to the perch. Does he not want me to bother with him? He will always step up on my finger when I put it on his chest, but I have yet to see him to come to me on his own. He's good with me, but seems like he only wants so much and then wants back on his perch.