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Thread: lovebirds love boses?

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    lovebirds love boses?

    Hi Everyone: My daughter has a young lovebird, male. He absolutely loves boxes. Is this normal? He goes in and out, plays all around any box he can find. We put one with a side hole on his play gym, with another small box inside, and he is in heaven. I'm assuming this is a nesting thing, but I had thought it would really only be a thing for a female.

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    Re: lovebirds love boses?

    Boomer loved boxes! My daughter made him all kinds of different "box forts" and he would go inside of them and do a little happy dance with head nods as well. Boomer even slept in a old plastic chalk box that we put in his cage and hung it sideways off the top of his cage. He would happy dance and play and play in that box. Lovebirds are such funny little birds. I never thought of it as a nesting thing because he just seemed to really just want to play in them.

    Your posts made me smile and giggle because no doubt your little lovebird is just as happy as Boomer was when he got into boxes. Them big eyes and fat heads they get when they are happy melt my heart.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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