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Thread: Help!

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    Question Help!

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong group to post this to, Two days ago I bought a male hand raised cockatiel. I gave him two days to settle in and was doing pretty well, I hadn't touched him and only put my hand in the cage if I was changing his food or water. Today we got a call from the shop wondering how he was doing, we updated them on everything and told them that we have been hesitant to touch him. The lady then claimed that I had to take him out of his cage today to help him to open up to me, I was confused because on every site I researched it said not to take them out of the cage unless they want to. I said he was scared of hands and wouldn't step up so she told me to grab him, I felt absolutely awful however I believed she knew better because she raised him. i proceeded and he started screaming hissing and biting, so I quickly but gently placed him on my chest/ shoulder and gave him some millet. When I put him back he was more scarred than before and now panics if I got close to the cage, his crest is significantly lower however not completely flat. I'm playing cockatiel noises to calm him down. I fear I have just completely sabotaged any form of bond with him, what should I do?

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    Re: Help!

    Hi, Ebony, and welcome to the community. I am so sorry you had to go through this with your new baby. I am totally shocked the woman you talked to gave you such advice. That totally is untrue. We never grab our birds, nor force them out of their cage. It is apparent she was not qualified to be working in that shop at all, let alone having birds in her home.

    Do not blame yourself for calling her. If I was a new bird owner, I would have called too! Do not worry. Your little baby will trust you. It is going to take time and patience. For about a week or so, only put your hands in the cage to clean it. Do not try touching him. Place millet sprigs in his cage. Hang them close by water and food cups. Also, hang some fresh leaf lettuce and kale in the same area. Fresh veggies should be removed after a couple of hours. Put just millet seeds in a separate food cup. Add some to his seed cup too!

    And sit by his cage and softly talk to him. Play soft music on a CD player or radio, throughout the day, placing the player fairly close to his cage. Get a small child's storybook and sit by the cage and softly read the book to him. Eat a snack and place some millet seeds in a food cup, close to his seed cup.

    It can take up to 4 days before they begin eating and drinkinv regularly. Place a couple of water cups and seed cups in the cage so he can find them. Also, get him a swing for his cage.

    All birds are afraid of our hands and of us, when we first bring them home. It is entirely to be expected. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for them to trust us. He will trust you in time, so do not lose heart. Try feeding some dry cereals like oatmeal and cherrios. Also, feed dehydrated carrots and other veggies. Tiels snd all birds like the "crunchy sound" and taste of dry foods.

    Also, either make or buy a butterfly net, so when he is out of cage, catch him that way. Since he was so frightened of you grabbing him, it will be less frightening for him.

    Each day, he will get to know you more, and will soon realize he can trust you, and he will be your friend. My cockatiel and budgie love to watch videos on Youtube. Search for........cockatiel companon. These videos are awesome and were created by a gentleman and his wife, from New Zealand.

    Birds are very forgiving when it comes to being scared like he was. Time and patience are on your side. Please stop by often and give updates. And in a few weeks, after he is more trusting, post some pics for us!! It will work out for you, I am sure it will!!
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