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Thread: A little walk with me ;) (deer, fox, rabbit and nature)

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    A little walk with me ;) (deer, fox, rabbit and nature)

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    Re: A little walk with me ;) (deer, fox, rabbit and nature)

    Thanks for the great nature video. It is so nice to see your videos and this one so far is one of favorties. I love your forests there and really liked that you seen so many animals on your little walk. My favorite was the bunny. We do not see them in our mountains here at all and I miss them because when we lived way down in the valley below us we seen them everywhere. I am doing what you do taking off and going out in the forests to explore where where no people are.

    On a side note to your nature post our neighborhood has a HUGE momma bear and two babies wandering around in it and I am hoping one night I get to see them. Of course from my window looking out at them and not face to face.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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