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Thread: Need advice please. Sick cockatiel

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    Need advice please. Sick cockatiel

    After a bit of advice- my 10 month old cockatiel Ollie has been making little "puffy" and sometimes clicking sounds when breathing- not constantly, more so when being scritched. I took him to an avian vet Friday who ended up doing a load of tests including xray and blood tests. Got some of the results back ( the rest will be next week) and the vet said his lungs and Air sacs had "cloudy" patches in it. He said this could be a bacterial or fungal infection- so Oliie has antibiotics to go in his water and also another to have by syringe twice a day. The vet also said his white cell count was low but said this may be due to his body trying to fight infections off... is this likely? Has anyone had these results and treatments before? Ollie has been sleeping a lot since the vet visit- would this be due to the stress of it all and also after being put to sleep for the xray? I'm panicking about him quite a bit and not sure what to expect or to do.
    He has been eating still and also drinking.
    He is still sleeping most of the time now, and tail bobs when he is breathing. Is this to be expected? Or should I do something else? When I pick him up his eyes seem pretty wide and clear and he seems alert but just kind of vibrates a bit and isn't chirping much.
    Has anyone been through this with their cockatiel? Did antibiotics help? Is there anything else I can do? Obviously not had all results back yet and I'm just panicking about it all.

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    Re: Need advice please. Sick cockatiel

    I am sorry your sweet Ollie isnt feeling well and hope he is feeling a little better today. The medicine does take time to kick in and actually help them and hopefully today is a better day for him. It does take usually a day or two for the meds to kick in and those days are scary. If you think Ollie is not responding to the medicine and possibly getting worse or not acting right please call the vets office to see what they think. I know my vet or even her vet tech would always talk to me and advice me on what to do. Since your Ollie was put to sleep for the Xray I want to say the meds and the stress is going to make him very tired for a day or two but he should still should be feeling slightly better with each day. The clicking sound is common with respiratory issues and your vet would have heard them when they were checking him out. If it possibly could be a fungal infection make sure that your bird is not eating any kind of foods with sugar in it, including fruits. Sugar feeds fungal/yeast infections. It takes time for them to respond to medicine, usually you can see signs within a couple of days but please if you think it is getting worse dont hesitate to take him back the vets. Please keep us updated on little Ollie.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Need advice please. Sick cockatiel

    Awww!!! I am so sorry for your little Ollie, and you having to go through this worry. How is he doing today? The meds do make them sleepy, and being so fragle, all birds who get sick, and have to take meds do seem very lethargic, not eating much and sleeping alot. Having all the testing, I am sure it was hard on him, but I do admire the vet for doing all of that testing to find out the extent of the illness.

    Keep Oliie warm. I suggest a sheet or light weight blanket over cage top, with front open in day time, and all four sides, with a few inches not covered on front at night. If it is colder in your area at night, I would suggest. a lightweight afghan or flannel blanket over the top as wel!. Also, a nightlight in the room, and if possible keep him in your bedroom at night.

    We will welcome your updates. I admire you completely for taking Ollie to the vet timely.

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