I've got a pair of a male blue masked and female masked lovebirds. They've had chicks 2 times already (With a different owner. He had to move so he was selling them) and I was interested in getting a pair of lovebirds so I bought them from him. He gave me tips as in to feed them corn once they've got chicks, variety of seeds, water spinach, give them a cuttlefish bone... so I've got all of that prepared and with a luxurious nest box full of wheat straw and it has a glass viewing station that you can leave open or close up with a door but they haven't touched it once or have shown any signs of mating. I brought them over to my neighbour's for 30mins because I read on the internet that another pair of lovebirds being presence encourages mating and he owns a pair too. So I brought them over and they went crazy, they were going in and out of their nest box constantly and interacting with the other lovebirds (In separate cages). I thought surely they would use the nest box and lay eggs/mate after that because they were so interested in the box and showing signs of affection when the other pair were around but ever since I brought them back, they haven't touched it... once again. Any tips on how to get them to go into their nest box and mate/lay eggs? I've had them for a while now, too.