Hi all! I have just found a baby lutino cockatiel from a reputable breeder, but I have a few questions. The baby that I am looking at is hand raised and young, about to wean, but seems like his feathers are pretty scrappy and he has a smallish bald spot behind his head, despite having a very large and prominent crest. I know that lutinos frequently have those bald spots but I would prefer one without. Do you think that his head feathers will grow in as he gets older, considering how young he is? Also, is it normal for cockatiels to look scrappy at this age, or is this a sign of what he will look like as a grown bird?

Also, as a side note, any advice for bringing home a newly weaned baby? I want to make sure he stays safe and happy in his new home and I presume there would be more strict environmental and care factors that go into caring for a young bird like this.

Thanks so much!