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Thread: Help with Frybird - is it me or her???

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    Help with Frybird - is it me or her???

    Hi everyone. Once upon a time i was a very active member here, but looking at my profile it looks like i haven't been here in nearly 8 years!!

    But I'm back for some advice (and it's honestly great to see some familiar faces - I'm looking at you Boomer girl!)

    I'm sure this'll be long, so i apologize in advance! My lovebird Fry (i call her Frybird) has me at my wits end. I'll explain as best as I can. Basically she is insistent on attention, but at the same time does her best to avoid being held, and is extremely cage aggressive. Here is a normal day: i get home from work and she immediately jumps on her cage door and starts screaming as loud and incessantly as she can. I go right to her cage and open the doors at which point she jumps away from the doors and deeper into the cage, still screaming. Of course if i reach in i get majorly bit (and btw the cage aggression doesn't bother me in principle... It just makes all this more difficult because the only way i can get her to come out is by sticking my hand in there and grabbing her!). If i walk away she will jump to the open doors and continue to scream. But as soon as i approach the cage she jumps back in. So eventually I do just grab her, and she'll hang out with me for a minute or two and then flies right back to her cage and the whole cycle starts over. If i ignore her the screaming just continues... She never seems to tire of it. It only stops when i cover her cage for the evening. It seems what she wants more than anything is for me to sit directly in front of her cage and stare at her as she sits in the door.

    It seems no matter what i do i just can't break the cycle. I've tried interacting with her more. I've tried leaving her alone to leave the cage on her own. I've changed toys and the layout of her cage.

    She is 13 years old but wasn't always like this. She's always been cage aggressive (which again, is not a problem for me in principle), but she was always more willing to hang out with me, and even when she wasn't she seemed to be able to entertain herself for at least a while.

    Is there something I'm missing? Something i should be doing?

    My housemates are understanding but i know the noise is bothering them.

    I could really use any advice anyone may have. Thanks in advance!
    rip percy, isabella, and little oliver. i will never forget you...

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    Re: Help with Frybird - is it me or her???

    Hi Jamie, it is great to see you here again and I am sorry your Fry bird is causing you grief. My first reaction is do you think anything is physically wrong with her? Sometimes when something is hurt or wrong they will act out but not usually to this bad. Does she still get hormonal? This could be the issue as well because we all know when they get hormonal they get crazy. What happens if you take her out and then close the door and offer her yummy spray millet or other foods she loves? I sure remember Boomer going nuts and just would not shut up until we let him out and even then sometimes if he wasnt sitting on you he would not shut up either. I cant give you much advice because Boomer was always cheeping unless he was eating or when he was tired. He went ballistic when he was in his cage and would pace and cheep like a crazy bird. Lucky for us now we have a nice calm Green cheek conure who is quiet and he talks more then cheeps. He is my daughters bird and we get to bird sit him lots and boy is sweet, quiet and loving compared to Boomer.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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