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Thread: Open to Suggestions - Budgie Regurgitation Problem

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    Exclamation Open to Suggestions - Budgie Regurgitation Problem

    Hello everyone, I have just joined the forum.

    I have a yellow male budgie.

    In normal life, I have been feeding him primarily with "VERSELLE LAGA Prestige Budgie" seeds including oats, safflower, millet. Apart from these seeds, each day (only once a day) we are giving a very small amount (like a teaspoon) vegetables and fruits such as apple, carrot, tomato or cucumber. Apart from this, he has fresh bottled water every day. Occasionally, I'm giving multivitamin on his water. Very rarely, I'm giving boiled egg white. He is kind of a free bird which his cage is always open unless I'm not cooking or there is no danger to his health. This is the daily routine of my best buddy.

    About 8 months ago, he has been away from me 10 days. In these 10 days, first, he began throwing up everything that he ate. Then he stopped talking and shows strong signs of a sick bird. When I arrived, I have seen that the cage was totally dirty and he was in a real bad shape. Afterwards, with the help of a veterinarian, we have given FLUCAN as an anti-fungal treatment. Then he has regained his energy but never stopped regurgitating since then. He is eating his seeds, walking or talking a bit then he regurgitates to his perch. He is definitely not throwing up unintentionally but he only regurgitates his perch to specific place. However, he is throwing up like he is feeding another bird and eating his own puke again. The puke contains totally undigested seeds. The cycles go on in a day. When he is out from his cage, he doesnít regurgitate on any kind of object (except mirror but itís very small amount). This situation going on like 8 months. The veterinarians that we have been through couldn't identify the problem. There is only one veterinarian stated that he may have a liver disease. However, he refused to treat because he has no idea about the treatment.

    About a month ago, my bird shows a sign of diarrhea. In the beginning, the white side of the poop was watery, however, the green side was fine. The shape was circular. However, until then his poop becomes completely watery. Immediately, I have taken him to the veterinarian immediately. Then, he is been prescribed antibiotics and anti-fungal treatment. His poop became normal and he gained his energy a lot. However, he started to regurgitate 1 week ago just after the antibiotics are finished. We contacted with veterinarian immediately and he is been prescribed antibiotics again for another month.

    I tried to give you very brief introduction to my birdís health and his daily routine. This is the 5th veterinarian we are going through but I couldn't find a solution for his behavior. (I live in France)

    I'm more concerned that regurgitation could be a behavioral problem. If anyone had encountered a problem such as this, I'm open to any suggestion.

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    Re: Open to Suggestions - Budgie Regurgitation Problem

    Since your bird has had issues with fungal troubles does your vet think it was Avain Bacteria Yeast (AGY) also known as Megabactieria that might be hurting his stomach again? Boomer had AGY that hid in his body and was not diagnosed for almost two years when his vet finally found a AGY rod in his poo sample. His vet did highly suggest it was AGY and he was treated for it. His poos were just as you describe very watery with just the green part basically usually whole and a darker green color. The white part was sort of mixed in with the watery part or not there at times. Boomer had his AGY undiagnosed for over 2 years because it is known to hide and it damaged his stomach and he never did recover from it but with good care he did live over 5 years with it. His went systemic in his body. He ate a good diet of just seeds and grains and NO sweets at all which includes sweet corn, fruits or anything that when digests turns into sucrose. AGY, megabactieria thrives on sugars and it will not ever go away unless you eliminate all sugars. He was treated with Diflucan mostly but did take amphotericin B which is the best medicine for AGY but its so strong so it was just a short treatment of it. He also had Nystatin when he had his flareups because it was easier on his body. I think it is possible your bird still has AGY in his system and maybe another dose of medicine might help him stop throwing up and eating it again. But you know your bird best and if you think this might be hormonal and not AGY that is not good but it is when it comes to his health. I would much rather have a regurgitating hormonal bird then a sick bird. I just wanted to let you know just because his AGY was treated and might not be showing up on tests it sure could be hiding inside in him. The hypees do not shed all the time and it is very hard to find it sometimes.

    Sorry for the long winded post but I worry it could be the AGY possibly and it might be worth a short treatment of the meds to see if it clears up his poop and regurgitation.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Open to Suggestions - Budgie Regurgitation Problem

    Hi, and welcome! Regurgitation is a part of a budgies life, and is completely normal in a healthy budgie. When budgies are a male and female, they mate. And often times you will see them feeding each other, or regurgitating and then feeding. When eggs hatch, the make regurgitates his undigested seeds to the female, and then she feeds the babies. On occasion, if there are spots of babies, the male will also help female feed them, but generally it is always the make regurgitating his food to the female. Even single male or female budgies regurgitate to toys or perches due to hormones which usually uptick in spring and fall.

    I am surprised one of the vets you have visited did not give you that information. However, since your budgie has been sick, and being treated with meds, I feel it is his illness that most probably causing the regurgitation.

    Deanna is well educated and informed with AGY disease, and I feel her comments are valuable to you. It could be there are cysts or tumors in the throat as well. So, I suggest having a vet evaluate the regurgitating problem as medical, and not behaviorial, because your budgie definitely has a medical condition.
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