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Thread: Baby budgie sick and inactive.

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    Exclamation Baby budgie sick and inactive.

    My baby budgie is around a month old, and she has been fed by her mother. Recently I saw that she is sitting quite still, and very inactive. She doesn't run around like she normally does. She also has a clicking sound when she breathes, it could be respiratory infection. She even hasn't been eating (I tried to syringe feed her, but she is not opening her beak). I kept her back with her mamma, but she is also not feeding her because baby is not chirping. There was a little poo stuck to her cloaca, which I removed with a wet tissue.

    Because of the quarantine, I'm not able to take her to the vet. And I'm really, really scared of losing her.
    Please guide me on how I could help her, even if it is a small thing.

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    Re: Baby budgie sick and inactive.

    Hi, and welcome. It does sound to me like the baby may have resperatory infection. Try calling an avian vet in your area. If no one answers, then try calling a bird rescue in your area, a regular vet, or an animal and or bird hospital. Tell them the baby is making a clicking sound and is not eating. I do not know any home remedies for this problem, and your baby needs help immediately. I am so sorry this is happening to the baby, and I know your heart is breaking. If you can get some answer, from any of the above places I mentioned, hopefully they could tell you what you need to give the baby.

    Please keep us posted.

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    Re: Baby budgie sick and inactive.

    Sounds to me like a bacterial infection in the crop. I would call your vet to see if you can do a social distance emergency visit... You wait in the car at the vet parking lot, the tech will come out and grab the carrier that your baby budgie is in. You will not be able to go inside the vet clinic, but your bird will. See if you can do a tele-conference such as Skype or Zoom with the vet over the phone while in your vehicle. Sounds to me your baby needs immediate care. Also, if you have any pedialyte in the home, that will help boost your baby's electrolytes too. Please keep us updated and sending you virtual hugs.
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