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Thread: My Budgie didnt lay egg in nestbox

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    My Budgie didnt lay egg in nestbox

    Hi Everyone,
    Hoping someone can give me some advice. I recently put a nestbox in my budgies cage suspecting she would lay, however, today I have found she has laid an egg in her swing instead? She has been sitting on it off and on today. Should I move the egg into the nest or leave it in the swing? She is also sharing the cage with 2 other budgies- a male and female.

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    Re: My Budgie didnt lay egg in nestbox

    Hi, and welcome to the community. It is not unusual for hens who are new to laying eggs, to lay them while swinging, or perching. As long as the egg is not cracked, or broken, you can carefully move it to the nest box. Hens new to laying sometimes lay eggs outside the nest box. And, usually they do not begin serious setting on their eggs until all have been laid in the clutch. Eggs are laid every other day. Budgie hens can lay as many as 6-8 eggs in a clutch.

    The male usually never enters the nest box until the first egg hatches. He then eats lots of seed, gets into the nest box, and regurgitates his seeds to the hen. She then feeds the babies.

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