Tyrion is 2 months old now, done with antibiotics, and gaining weight. YAY! His/her activity level is also much higher, and ive had to expand his play gym and add a bunch of toys. So far he at least tries everything ive given him food wise. Some only once, but many he will eat. Eggs, variety of greens stc. He gets very excited when its my dinner time, and he keeps trying to grab food out of my dish, and or mouth. If it's something that's ok for him, Ill give him his own piece, but most often it's a fight to be able to eat in peace.
His flying is getting more controlled, he came to me with partially clipped wings, so he doesn't have full flight. But he jumps and flaps with much greater accuracy and distance now.
He loves to snuggle up into a cupped hand for his naps, and has decided that head scratches are very nice. The baby chirps are still around, and I will miss those when he outgrows them, and the hissy fits have decreased somewhat, I will not miss those at all.
Tyrion and the love bird have met, and they have decided that they do not like each other. Tyrion has defended his play gym from Bori quite well. But, Bori is most definitely the aggressor, and really wants both play gyms to be his.
My daughter gave Tyrion a hammock in his cage. At first he totally ignored it, for days, but I saw this morning he was sitting in it. If TYrion is in fact a Hen, we will take it out so she doesn't get any nesting ideas.

Hope everyone is safe!