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Thread: Young siblings trying to mate

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    Young siblings trying to mate

    We have a bonded cockatiel brother and sister that are 7 months old. The male has recently been trying to mate with the female. We have broken it up each time we've noticed it happening, but I'm afraid that there have or will be times that we don't know it's happening. I'm concerned that she's too young and will become egg bound from this behavior. Is the only solution to permanently separate them?

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    Re: Young siblings trying to mate

    Hi, and welcome. It will only be a few weeks before they will be into puberty, and beginning hormonal behavior. Siblings should never mate, nor the hen lay eggs and hatch babies, because inbreeding...aka being related to each other as brother/sister will result in the babies having possible special needs, including deformity, or missing some toes, splayed legs, etc.

    My suggestion is for you to put them in separate cages asap. The hen can still lay eggs without a mate, and since you believe you have a pair, she very well could do so, in her own cage. However, it is not difficult to allow her to nest with her eggs, which will be infertile, on the cage floor, on a piece of folded paper towel for about 25 days, or until she no longer pays any attention to the eggs, and abandons them. But you do not want to put any nest box, or nest, or happy hut, or tent in her cage, because you do not want to encourage egg laying, and any nest will do so.

    Some hens can get egg bound, even without a mate. Provide plenty of fresh green veggies, especially kale, and swiss chard, and green and or red leaf lettuce, and plenty of cuttlebone, as well as an excellent seed diet, to give her plenty of calcium, so if she does lay eggs, the shell will be hard, so hen can push out the eggs.

    It will be best for the birds and you to cage them separately. And if you do happen to have any new babies from a bonded pair that are not related to each other...in the future....when they fledge and perch, and are about 12-14 weeks old, put the females in one cage, and the males in one cage.

    One other comment is that female birds, no matter the species, that are caged birds, tend to have aggression and behavior issues, when they become hormonal and are single hens.They are very protective of any eggs they lay, and two or more females in a cage, at that time, usually do not get along together well, when they are setting on eggs, or one is with eggs, and the other or others have not laid eggs. So, if it were me, I would put one female in one cage only, if she has no male mate.

    Males get along well together, but during hormone time, they get quite loud, and sometimes, tend to be more aggressive.

    I hope this info will be of help to you.
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