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Thread: white waterslager canary No fertilization

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    white waterslager canary No fertilization

    Good day,

    A friend of mine has a beautiful pair of white waterslager canary. They are 3-5 years old. The hen laid eggs multiple times but the eggs are not fertilized.
    What can be the reason for no fertilization. I am thinking of a fertilization kit.


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    Re: white waterslager canary No fertilization

    The main reason is generally always conditioning, defined as there is a process to making sure your birds are in condition. BOTH sexes have to be in condition at the same time.

    Lighting must be, again generally around 13 hours, defined as 13 hours of light 11 dark. The length of light in birds triggers them. When the days begin to get longer, do tpo the sun being up longer, the birds are triggered into coming into breeding condition. It is natures way of saying hey its time. Length of light is also a big trigger for birds to start migrating. OK more goes into it, Think spring, Day light begins to get longer, temperature begins to warm, both cause plants to start blooming, and we start sneezing do to pollen, and birds know its time to find a partner and have young.

    Now the males always come into readiness first, they then begin singing stronger and stronger which brings the hens into condition.

    Take a hen in hand, turn her over and look for her breeding patch. If her stomach has a bare spot around the size of a quarter, she is ready. Again this is her breeding patch. This is where her feathers fall out, exposing here skin and her stomach increases in temperature in that area. All of this is to incubate the eggs, direct skin, which is warner, directly contacting the egg.

    The male, well he is singing and take him in hand, blow away the feathers of his area and you should see what, well you know. There are plenty of images and videos of this, look around and you will find one. Watch what you type in or you may really get something you do not wish to see.

    Now it is time almost for the molt, so if they are trying to breed now, I would expect both before and now the male is already past being in condition and nothing will happen. Lastly a hen is viable for generally 3 years, after that its a crap shoot. Males are good for 6 to 7 years of age.

    Again my best guess is they are just not in condition. Tell this person to research breeding conditioning for canaries, or anything like that.

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