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Thread: Lovebird plucking babies

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    Lovebird plucking babies

    Hi I need some advise. My mum bird recently had four babies (three weeks ago). Yesterday I noticed she had started plucking the babies and drawing blood. She had previously had a clutch of one chick and she never did this to that one. I have moved the babies into a nest box inside the cage and mum and dad are feeding them through the nest box hole. Mum however seems very unhappy and is trying to get into the box. Is this the best solution. I did think about removing mum and putting her into the cage that her previous baby is in and put the previous baby in with dad and the newborns will this work. Or should I just leave the babies in the cage where their nest is and hope that mum stops plucking them.

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    Re: Lovebird plucking babies

    Hi, and welcome. I think moving the babies was a good idea, but I hope the mum doesn't attack them at night. You may have to put hen in separate cage, and hand feed the babies, and also allow dad to feed them in the cage and nestbox he is in right now. They need him to feed them as well.

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