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Thread: Budgies

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    Hello i have 2 female budgie who love each other very much, they have been together since babies, I recently introduced a male with them, I have 2 breeding boxes in cage but they both went into the same box laying eggs. I now have 5 babies which they both feed and take care of but who’s baby is who’s???. 2 babies have just come out of the box now and are eating seed. The problem is now one female is constantly attacking the other female and male? I have to peel her off the other female. Why is she doing this. When they have been inseparable??? What do I do???

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    Re: Budgies

    Hi, and welcome to the community! Congrats on the new babies!! Quite honestly, it is not unusual for females to get aggressive when it comes to their babies. They are very protective of unhatched eggs and new babies. You were very fortunate you did not have this aggression during the time of them incubating the eggs.

    At this point, even though you do not know whose eggs all of them are, I suggest you put the hen , who is aggressive, and one nestbox, with the 3 older babies in a separate cage, and give the other two babies to hen #2, in her own cage, with the other nestbox. It is worth trying this approach, to stop aggression, but, watch both hens very carefully, to be sure neither is picking on the babies. You will need to allow the male time in each cage during the day to help feed the babies, and then return him to his own cage. That means you will need three cages. Keep the male in his own cage at night. The male would need to alternate from one nestbox and cage, to the other cage a couple of times a day, so he can regurgitate his seeds to the female, and in turn she will feed the babies.

    It is possible only one hen laid all the eggs. That would make her aggressive towards the other female, for sure.

    If you decide to breed them in the future, keep one female and male and a nest box in one cage. Get another male, and put him with the other female. Generally, in my view, it is best to allow a breeding pair to be in their own cage, along with a nestbox.
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