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Thread: Feather Plucking of each other and self by a pair.

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    Feather Plucking of each other and self by a pair.

    Hello Guys, As you know I have a couple of pairs, one of my pairs (Hashree(male) & Rudri (female)) were started plucking before a month.

    Since last month they are plucking each other’s feather and eat them or chew them. They don’t pluck pin feathers but more downy feathers and semiplume feathers. What could be the reason? I am attaching some images n videos of them.

    Please help me. I am not able to figure it out. Due to lockdown vets are closed and online vets are not able to diagnose the thing that, what could be the actual reason for this. I am also not able to understand what should be the reason behind this. their potty is clean clear, they are eating well, they have plenty of calcium sources like cuttlebone, grit, Calcium block, etc. they have a very good diet.


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