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Thread: Hi! I am birbless in the burbs....

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    Re: Hi! I am birbless in the burbs....

    maxollie, thank you so much for the reply! These are great insights. Lotus loves the "beddy-bye" sheet at night and often during the day as well. Maybe I will try keeping it on in the morning when she gets super excited. Even with it on, she goes crazy hearing the sparrows right outside- they have a nest there. As long as she can hear them she chirps and beats the wings and jumps all over the cage. If I keep the blinds closed and play music that helps. It just doesn't seem like she is enjoying hearing them- she is either upset that they wont come and play with her, or maybe she feels threatened by other birds...i dont know which...

    Lotus hates the play gym LOL! I have no idea why. She prefers to sit on a hanging Crate and barrel lantern I have, or in the bird safe palm tree. We are working on transitioning to the gym but when I finally get Lotus there s/he just sits there and goes into paralyzed mode. Even with millet there! i will try making it more fun and interesting.

    Im sure you are right and she will mellow out. I know that some are saying Lotus looks like a male but the behavior and energy seems very feminine to me somehow... having owned a ton of various animals, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, ferrets, mice, doves, finches, and wild birds. I could be totally wrong, it could just be babylike behavior. But she is not outgoing or vocal, and is a little bossy, heheh. Was so mad at me the other day because I put on a colorful fabric headband she didnt like..Anyway at this point everyone is calling her 'she', so if just out of habit, we will call her that for now- maybe when cere develops a little more, or there is a local place that does DNA test.

    Sigh, Im glad you mentioned that last part, I believe I may be spoiling her a bit...lots of babying. I am with her almost all day! I think I am just so concerned about her feeling scared and lonely...and wanting tlc, like a baby does. I will work on that,maybe give her some more alone time? The only plus side is that she is taming up so fast... but i want her to be happy and healthy that's the most important thing. She is developing such a personality also- she yells and flaps wings if someone comes into the room and starts talking to me or doing something else without saying hi to her first. Once they go up and say hi, she is fine.

    She is also particular about exactly what movies and tv shows she likes.
    Are your birds like that?

    Is Muffin able to fly well, without bumping himself? Im really amazed at how he could get around, i think of birds as being so visual. Can he still fly to you?

    I have Lotus in the bedroom, while the rest of the house is more open layout, this room is pretty tiny, so s/he flies in here. S/he just seems to be so shy and timid in general, but is very sweet and thoughtful as well.
    I have a concern right which is that - i am avoiding cotton for her and restrung some toys, and even made some, with jute and sisal. The jute is a thinner jute cord. she is liking to chew and nibble on it alot. I know that it is bird safe, but looking at it there are still little fibers, stringlike, that a bird could possibly ingest?
    Am I being too paranoid? Do your birds chew or try to eat jute string? thanks so much as always , i dont know what i would do without everyone's support here!

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    Re: Hi! I am birbless in the burbs....

    Having vast experience with so many different pet species, you sure could be right about Lotus being a girl. You know, that name is soooo appropriate for a beautiful white budgie.

    As I had shared earlier, I think those two petstore chains are the best. Lotus is a quality top notch budgie. You would find one like her at an expensive breeder, for sure. My cockatiel, Penny, also is high quality, having come from Petsmart a couple of years ago. I think with all budgies, it takes some time to get a daily routine going with them after we bring therm home. I have found over the years, that budgies and cockatiels both like to keep their daily routine the same, and any time that does not happen, for some unexpected reason, my two let me know!!!!! Both get loud and boisterous!!!!! Lolol. It comes down to the slighest adjustment in their day. On YouTube, there are many videos that perk their interest. Early morning, they like Cockatiel Companion. Check those videos out. Also do a search there for budgies playing together and singing and chirping. Also, at nap time in the afternoon they like videos of a musician named Tim Janis. These are birds and music. Beautiful scenery and music. They like Mickey Mouse, and a little tiger called Daniel Tiger as well.

    My birds are not allowed out of cage in the rental duplex I occupy. But it does not seem to bother them at all. They love to watch and or listen to TV, throughout the day.


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