I had ordered two new toys for my new budgie; a cute fluffy Yarn like preening toy And also a cotton rope swing.
However I just found this website where they talk about how dangerous cotton material is and have many stories relating Tragic bird deaths From long term ingestion of the fibers over many years... the vets were cutting out huge balls of cotton from the crops etc... also broken legs, strangulations, even with close monitoring birds can ingest tiny fibers and over the years end up with an obstruction and die from it.
I will link... anyway I was horrified, everywhere I go online And in stores I see cotton Ropes and boings... itís all about the boings... and the play gym I bought has cotton rope on it.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Are all these pet stores really selling instruments of bird destruction??? Whatís going on??????? Has anyone else heard about this???
Needless to say my new budgie is not getting any cotton until I can figure it out- Iíve ordered sisal and jute to restring toys etc , at least for the time being.