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Thread: Feeding baby lovebirds

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    Feeding baby lovebirds

    Hi Everyone,
    My baby Lutino is 5 weeks tomorrow. We left her in the nest box until 4 weeks and 3 days, but we took her out lots to get her used to us. She isnít loving the formula anymore. Sheís eating pellets & avi-cakes, some seed and an egg mash I make (warmed up). Iím thinking I donít need to worry about sour crop anymore?? Do I need to worry about water intake? Also, when do we put her into a small cage from the brooder?

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    Re: Feeding baby lovebirds

    Aww!! She is growing soooo fast. The seeds and foods you are feeding are fine. I cannot answer the question about sour crop. I am sure someone will answer you soon.

    All birds always need to drink water. I suggest you provide her water with a plastic syringe a couple of times a day, until you completely stop feeding the formula. I would continue it morning and evening for a couple more weeks, or until such time she is eating her seeds, pellets and other foods during the day. She will soon be ready for her own cage. You could move her to a cage, and still feed the formula twice a day, as I mentioned. In her new cage, use the seed and water cups. And perhaps a separate food cup for the pellets. Being dry foods, pellets require them to drink lots of water, because of very little moisture in pellets. I suggest feeding a good seed mix too, because seeds have moisture in them, and that helps to keep the poops moist.
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