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Thread: Please help me help him.

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    Please help me help him.

    Okay, backstory time... My husband and I ended up rescuing a cinnamon green cheek conure from a VERY bad situation a couple of years ago. He was locked in a cage far too small, with one rusty toy, one perch that he had all but chewed through, overgrown beak and nails, filthy water, and only sunflower seeds to eat. He was five when we got him, and he didn't even have a name until I started calling him Meeko. Meeko, as one would understandably be, is very... nutty. It took us six months to get him to not be afraid of toys in his cage, and the dark. We trimmed his beak and nails (still doing so off and on as he's learning how to be a bird), and we have to clip his wings as he gets so scared he flies into the window and walls. He's on a proper diet of pellet food, some seeds, veggies, and fruits, and his colors have been improving as he is on the road to recovery. The only problem we have now is his.... confliction between wanting company and being terrified of humans. He screams and screams until you pay attention to him (which is good as we know he's calling for attention), but he will not accept just speaking to him. But, when we get close to his cage, he jumps away and clings to the wall, hyperventilating like we're going to chop him up or something. I would be understanding if he never became a good "sit on the shoulder" kind of parrot, and he loves to come out of the cage. But is terrified of us going to get him, and we don't want to stress him out further by chasing him around the room, as I believe that would kill off any trust we are trying so hard to build with him. If anyone has any ideas and tips on how to help me to tame him better, it would be most appreciated. Also for context, I work from home, so I have tons of time to devote to him. We also have two cockatiels (one hand tamed, the other one is blind and doesn't like being touched), and they all live in the same room in separate cages, and we have not had any problems with them interacting with one another (aside from forming mini screaming songs with each other but that's birdlife LOL). Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Please help me help him.

    I have found that just sitting next to the cage and reading a book and every now and then looking there way and talking is a good way to it least get them use to you being by them. I also like to talk to them from a distance every now and then just so they know I am aware of them and a good person... ha, well it least hopefully. We bird sat some budgies years ago and they were obviously not use to people by them and would freak out like your conure does. We watched them for two weeks and they actually got use to my voice and became curious of me and did not mind me sitting on a chair next to the table that the cage sat on. Move very slowly by your boy and just give him eye contact the first days and a few times talk to him in a soft voice. Millet is a great thing to try to put next to the cage to see if he will eat it, or if he is like my daughters conure they also love people food. I do hope you new conure gets use to you soon so it will not freak out anymore.
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