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Thread: Strange behaviour in my female budgie

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    Strange behaviour in my female budgie

    Hello everyone!
    Three weeks ago I purchased a female budgie from my local petstore (unfortunately there are no breeders in the area so I couldn't go to them). I took her to the vet a couple days after buying her for a checkup and it turns out she had a heavy parasite burden. I've since treated that and she has become a lot better - lots of pin feathers, very active and eating much better. However, she has had a weird reversal of behaviour lately. She has always been fairly calm and once she was out of quarantine and with the other birds she quickly picked up their behaviour such as stepping up and eating millet out of my hands. Overall she wasn't really afraid of my presence and was fine with me being around. Lately, however, she has become terrified of my presence. This is to the point that if I raise my hand on the other side of the room she will freak out and fall off of her perch. Additionally, she has been doing a weird thing were she gets into a loop of going back and fourth on her perch seemingly calculating how to jump onto the lower perch to get to the food bowls (which she has had no issue accessing in the past) but this loop of calculating the jump goes on for a very long time - I measured ten minutes at the longest. She is also very active all of the time, but at seemingly inappropriate times such as late at night when the other birds have gone to sleep. I've got an appointment for the vet coming up next week for her, but does anyone have any idea what this weird reversal of behaviour may have came from?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Strange behaviour in my female budgie

    It is great you are taking her to the vet for a wellness check! I would be worried too! I have no idea, other than is there any chance she could have been eating paint off the cage bars? I know that farm animals that get paint poison, by licking paint from the barn siding do have strange behavior after eating paint.

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    Re: Strange behaviour in my female budgie

    I hope Maxollie isnt right but it is something to look into because I know older cages or even very cheap cages might have lead or other toxic metals in the cage. Or even some toys might have something on them that make them sick. I use to soak and then wash all the new things we put in cages with a white vinegar and water solution before putting it in the cage. Another thought is it might be some sort of mite on her that is bugging her. I am also happy you are taking her to the vet just so that they can take a look at her to see if she is alright.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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