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Thread: Aviary

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    My neighbour has a bird aviary that's currently empty. He's got a pair of lovebirds and three chicks that are around 3 weeks old in a cage together. I've also got a pair of lovebirds that are raising 3 chicks that are 20 days old. I'm moving soon and i'll be giving my lovebirds over to him. His lovebirds and mine have met (in separate cages) and lived together for about 2 days while I was gone for the weekend. They were very intrigued with each other and would interact with each other a lot. They didn't seem aggressive or territorial, just very chatty and energetic. I'm just wondering, would it be fine to put the two pairs in the bird aviary together? Should we let them get to know each other for a couple of weeks before putting them in the aviary? And when the 6 chicks get to the age that they leave the nest, would there be a problem between them and their parents? The aviary is quite big and spacious. Our lovebirds characters aren't aggressive either, his female used to live in a flock with her previous owner and my pair lived in a flock too. Would they end up creating a flock and would there be a problem with keeping the grown-up chicks with them in the same aviary? Or should he just keep them in their current cages. We would really like that they live in the aviary and their chicks grow up to be able to fly around but if that would be problem, he'll just get the chicks their own cages once they're older.

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    Re: Aviary

    I am no expert and all and actually have only lived with Boomer and now my daughters conure Tikki and both are single birds who I know Boomer hated all other birds and Tikki never met another bird. I do know that there is a man here who has many birds of different species living together in a big outdoor aviary and they all get along great. They even have built nests and had babies in this mixed aviary without any issues. If you bring the birds over to introduce them together in separate cages you can see how they act around each other. You can even let a few of them out together in a small room to see how they act. I do hope they get along because it would be a fun experience for both the birds and also you and the other person who owns the aviary.
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    Re: Aviary

    Welp. My aviary is done and my birds are having the time of their lives. https://dailyiowan.com/2020/09/09/da...later-in-life/

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