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Thread: Male or female companion for female budgie?

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    Question Male or female companion for female budgie?

    I've found out i actually have a female not a male budgie, which has complicated my original plan to just get another male as a friend for him (now her lol. Gonna take a while to get used to.)

    Now i really don't know if i should get a female or a male. I've seen people saying that they've had females which are fine together, and in the same thread other people say they are lots of trouble to keep together.

    As for female and male pairings, i really don't want to have to deal with unwanted eggs constantly. Again, i've heard females can be quite mean in these pairings. Obviously there is no perfect pairing and budgies will always squabble. But i'd like to keep it to a minimum.

    I've attached an image of the cage i eventually want to move both budgies into. It's quite big so maybe this will help these situations (the interior looks pretty bad at the moment, fear not i have better perches on the way). I know females aren't bloodthirsty monsters out for every other budgies blood, but from what i know they can be pretty problematic!!

    TL: DR: See title

    Any kind of advice is much appreciated!! Im VERY torn!


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    Re: Male or female companion for female budgie?

    Two hens are higher risk for serious friction. A male is your best bet. You can reduce the likelihood of them attempting to reproduce by not having anything in the cage that even remotely resembles a nest. Over the years I've had opposite gender pairs together with no problem in that regard. In fact, my only unwanted egglaying incident occurred with a hen who lived in a cage by herself.

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    Re: Male or female companion for female budgie?

    That's a really cool cage you have!! You also can replace real eggs with dummy eggs if the hen lays eggs. But, do not give them a nest and put eggs in corner of cage floor, for about 21 days, or until the hen abandons them and no longer shows any interest in them. Then, throw them away. If a hen does lay eggs, you just cannot throw them away. If you do the hen will immediately lay more eggs. The main goal is to keep any nest, including happy huts or tents you see in petshops out of the cage, and never give the birds soft foods, like bread, or cooked foods, and no cooked eggs. Always check a seed mix package to be sure there is no egg food, or, spirulina in it. We will watch for updates!
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