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Thread: Tyrion is learning to fly

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    Tyrion is learning to fly

    Hi Everyone: I hope everyone is staying safe.
    Tyrion is 5 months old now and his/her flight feathers have grown back. Its been very amusing watching kim/her try to fly. She takes off and lands well, but the middle part is more like a mid flight freak out. It's kind of like watching a 3 year old run around the house full tilt, arms flapping in the air, screaming. I decided to let him/her keep her feathers, and we did a lot of training to come when called. He/she does pretty well at coming when requested. Unless its a new area of landing, and he'she wants to explore a bit.
    THe bullying from Bori the love bird continues. There has been many foot nips. Tyrion runs away from Bori most of the time, but every once in a while he/she wants to take ownership of an area, and an altercation ensues.
    Tyrion is vocalizing more now. Might be a male, as some singing has started. mostly when he/she is taking ownership of the cage roof top. He/she walks the perimeter and goes spread eagle on the edges. so we shall see after the big molt.
    Eating is still a good thing. he/she tries everything, and loves most. Arugela is by far the favorite, with watermelon a close second. He/she was getting a bit chonky, but with more flying in the mix, that will slim down.
    now to get him/ her to stop claiming the keyboard of my lap top. He;she gets rather aggressive when ever I'm trying to type.

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    Re: Tyrion is learning to fly

    Seems impossible she/he is 5 months old already. Have you seen him or her make heartwings? The bird lifts the wings so it looks like his body is the shape of a heart! Only males do heart wings! I would say in another couple of months the behavior will begin to tell if you have a girl or boy. Boys start singing, doing heart wings, mimicking words and other sounds, and do wolf whistles, and even learn tunes! Girls get more interested in nesting behavior. They do make chirps and cheeps, but are quite docile, and don't make the sounds I just mentioned. At about 6-7 months old they usually have a pre molt, before the first year molt, and hens may begin hormonal activity. Males will have a premolt as well, but usually do not get into hormones until about a year old.

    Thanks for the update. You and your family and the birds stay safe too! We will watch for updates.

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