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Thread: Tyrion is a teenager OY!

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    Tyrion is a teenager OY!

    Tyrion has reached the terrible teen years. She has started her big molt, slowly, but noticeable. We had trimmed her flight feathers, and they have now grown back in. If she comes when called, she gets to keep them, but, shes being stubborn. I am anxious to see if she keeps her barbs on her tail feathers.

    She gets very cranky at 8pm like clockwork. So she gets put to bed about 8:30 and kept covered until 5:30am.
    She still chirps like a chick when she gets head scritches, so is still very cute.
    I have noticed that she uses her feet a lot. I had never seen a tiel hold food before. She doesn't grip it well, but shes definitely holding it up.

    She still is very food centric. Loves her arugula every morning. Will try everything I am eating, and often jumps onto our plates to steal food.
    The love bird continues to be a bully, and delights in chasing Tyrion all over the place. But last week, Tyrion turned around and defended her perch. Scared the bajeesus out of Bori. I think Thyrion finally figured out that shes bigger than Bori.
    her newest favorite trick though is to hang upside down off the edge of her sleep hammock like a bat and flap her wings. Its really quite interesting to watch her defend her bed. I havnt been able to get a picture yet. but hopefully Ill get one soon.
    stay safe!

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    Re: Tyrion is a teenager OY!

    Thanks for the update. Tyrion is doing great. Seems like only yesterday she was a baby. She is very entertaining that is for sure. I have never had lovebirds, but from reading posts here on the forum, especially from Deanna, who had her Boomer for so many years. I have learned they are really little fireballs! Lololol. To look at one, they look so sweet, but to have one and witnesses how onery they can be must be very trying at times!! Good for Tyrion! She is standing her ground!

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