Hi Everyone: I hope everyone is staying safe.
Tyrion is 5 months old now and his/her flight feathers have grown back. Its been very amusing watching kim/her try to fly. She takes off and lands well, but the middle part is more like a mid flight freak out. It's kind of like watching a 3 year old run around the house full tilt, arms flapping in the air, screaming. I decided to let him/her keep her feathers, and we did a lot of training to come when called. He/she does pretty well at coming when requested. Unless its a new area of landing, and he'she wants to explore a bit.
THe bullying from Bori the love bird continues. There has been many foot nips. Tyrion runs away from Bori most of the time, but every once in a while he/she wants to take ownership of an area, and an altercation ensues.
Tyrion is vocalizing more now. Might be a male, as some singing has started. mostly when he/she is taking ownership of the cage roof top. He/she walks the perimeter and goes spread eagle on the edges. so we shall see after the big molt.
Eating is still a good thing. he/she tries everything, and loves most. Arugela is by far the favorite, with watermelon a close second. He/she was getting a bit chonky, but with more flying in the mix, that will slim down.
now to get him/ her to stop claiming the keyboard of my lap top. He;she gets rather aggressive when ever I'm trying to type.