We have a four week old parakeet chick that we have been hand feeding for two weeks since the mother rejected it. It is mostly feathered, has stared flying and is beginning to eat seeds. Since the last feeding and now (about four hours) it doesnít seem like itís crop has emptied at all (still very firm). Is this the beginning of sour crop or has it just been eating enough seeds to keep its crop full? Besides the crop it seems to be acting normal/alert/active. Should we be concerned? What should we be looking for to tell if there is a problem or not?
This is our first chick (unplanned egg) and we are learning as we go, so Iím not sure if weíre stressing about nothing or if there is a real problem.

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you for your time.

Ps: moderators, I accidentally posted this under the cockatiel forum first, and then couldnít figure out how to move or delete the original post. I did edit it to reflect the mistake. Sorry about that.