My tiel (well, technically my mom's tiel) was seen by the vet last month and the vet said he felt a lump in her chest and said she could be egg bound. He wanted to do x-rays but unfortunately my mom couldn't afford it. The vet gave calcium plus other vitamin injections and prescribed antibiotics and she has improved (she was very ill when she went to vet) but I'm afraid she still might be egg bound. It's not as bad as before but she still sits a bit hunched over and she strains when she poos sometimes. Her vent looks normal although once it looked like there was a bulge there but it disappeared. I wish I could have helped her that day, she could have finally passed the egg!

How can I help her and how to do it safely? I read that an egg could crack inside of her and I don't want to risk that. It's difficult examining her because she isn't hand tamed. I also read that egg binding symptoms can be similar to egg yolk peritonitis so it's possible she could have that instead?