Cobalt has been home 2-1/2 weeks. We discovered that he LOVES romaine lettuce. He also eats beet greens and celery tops but lettuce is his favorite! How much should he eat? We've been leaving a piece in his cage daily until it wilts and he eats a lot of it. His poop got a little wetter. Do we need to limit the greens? I will expand his veggie options but don't want to change too many things at once. He has a seed/pellet mix, cuttlebone, and mealworm mineral block.

Currently he's on "vacation" in the basement and we're trying our best to keep him separated from fumes while my husband repairs our fridge that just went out. It's been a full day with no discernible health distress. Turns out he gets very happy watching video games! There's no TV upstairs because we got rid of it to make room for the cage.

He's gotten tame enough to eat millet and lettuce from our hands. The kids get so happy when he does it and today my daughter won the race for whose finger he would step on first! Pics attached. He started nibbling her hand after he pulled up the millet and dropped it.

He sleeps on his swing most nights but doesn't play with it during the day. As soon as the cage cover goes on, we hear him fly up to it. He likes Bach and Beethoven and the sound of my husband laughing and my son's Rubik's cubes. He's mildly molting and sometimes when a feather floats off it startles him and he cocks his head to watch it. Oh the joy of budgie antics and background noises!

Anyway, what do you think about the greens? Offer daily? What quantity is healthy? Is it possible to have too much?