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Thread: New tiel

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    Re: New tiel

    A very small update. Max has Really started to molt now. The feathers are all over the cage.
    He has grown two brand new tail feathers. They are a very nice shade and so smooth!

    Still won't eat veggies. He is afraid of bright colored ones. I tried to give him a tiny piece of a carrot and he ran away. Tried to mix some quinoa too with his seeds. He picked at it a few times, shook his head and walked away.
    He does like his seed mix (i read all the labels and picked one that had the largest variety of seeds in it, instead of only millet and sunflower seeds haha).

    He likes his spray baths a lot.

    He does sing to me and screeches for attention, but won't like when i actually give him attention haha.
    He steps up for millet, but doesn't stay on my hand after he eats it. Hates fingers and gently nips at it if i try to give him scritches. He has some keratin sheaths still on his crest feathers but won't let me remove them.

    He still likes hanging around his cage the most and won't explore much but he is occasionally using the perched i placed there. He doesn't nap much during the day. Only once around lunch time. Is that bad?
    He attempted to preen my hair the other day though.

    Last night he suddenly flew and grabbed the front cage bars with his feet. I turned on the light and he looked confused and scared. I uncovered his cage and gently talked to him until he climbed back on his perch. The rest of the night was calm. He probably had a night fright.

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    Re: New tiel

    Max will molt a couple times a year. There will be times you will ask yourself if it will ever stop. My tiel is winding down his molt and he has been molting for about a month. Keep in mind, some molts are heavier than others. Max is young, this may be his first molt so he may get on the cranky side. I know Tango can be a real crank when he is molting.

    Some birds take to veggies where others don't. My bird used to eat romaine lettuce and now he won't even touch it. I stopped feeding him the romaine when the recalls of the potential risk of E. coli in produce. After it was back on the shelf, I have tried giving it to my bird and till this very day, he will not touch it. You are doing the right thing by giving him the variety of seeds. A few sunflower seeds won't hurt Max, but sunflower seeds are very high in fat and millet should be used as a treat.

    If Max is singing to you, that is very positive. Sometimes I personally thin that birds look at a game and once they have you drawn in, they ignore you. (silly birds). If Max is preening your hair, then Max likes you. Some birds don't like to be petted, my tiel will let me kiss his belly and once in awhile, he will let me scratch his neck, but it's on his terms.

    When birds get tired, they will sleep. Don't worry about napping..

    Max probably did have a night fright. I suggest that you keep a night light near his cage and that should help. Since I had Tango, he may have had about a half dozen and he is 9 years old.

    Keep doing what your doing. Max seems to be adjusting just fine to his new environment.
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    Re: New tiel

    I don't mind him molting. I have gathered quite a collection of beautiful wing and tail feathers already. He likes to play with them too. He thinks it's a very fun game. I give it to him, he chews on it, then drops it, i pick it up and give it to him again. When he sees me picking up the feather he eagerly comes to the edge of the cage to play.

    My coworker adopted a lost tiel and she ate nothing but seeds as well, and she lived with that coworker for 18 years (and they never knew her actual age when she wandered in) so i have hope haha. I still hope he starts eating healthier one day.

    I am trying to give lukewarm spray baths more often to help calm the itch.

    There is a night light by his cage, but that night my mom covered it very poorly and i didn't bother to fix the cover due to being tired after work, so probably that was the reason something scared him.

    I can't check if he is sleeping since he is a light sleeper and of course will have his eyes open if i approach the cage. I can only hope. I try to cover his cage at 7 pm every day or ask my mom to do it if i am at work. He starts banging on the cage bars with his beak when he is awake in the morning which is always around 7:30 am so i assume he is getting at least 10 hours of sleep, though i can't be sure. I hear birds are more agressive when they don't get enough sleep. But the fact he doesn't nap a lot during the day indicates he gets enough sleep i assume.

    Max has learned to nip at my finger to show me he doesn't want it near him. He will Not bite hard, but sort of grab it with his beak and hold.

    Having him around really brightens my day. I hope i can make him happy too.

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