Thanks for all the advices.

Lately i have been not sure if he is sleeping at night or not. I myself am a very light sleeper and i have been hearing him moving about at night on few occasions which woke me up. He sleeps on his food bowl in the corner so him moving causes his feet to tap on the metal and i hear it.
I ordered him a platfotm perch. Maybe he'll be more comfortable sleeping there.

I cover his cage every evening at the same time and uncover it at around the same time and he has a night light by his cage. Nothing really changed in his environment nor was there something that could spook him.

I wonder what might cause this and if it's just him shifting into a more comfortable sleeping position or something else.

He does seem normal in the day. He is vocal every morning, plays with toys and seems content. He takes a short nap at around 5 pm every day. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I am worried weather he gets enough sleep.

Sorry for all those questions. I am still figuring out what is normal and what should be a cause of concern...