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Thread: What's it like having a Cockatiel and a Budgie at the same time?

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    What's it like having a Cockatiel and a Budgie at the same time?

    I currently have a 1-year-old hand-raised male cockatiel who's one of my best friends and we spend tons of time together, including watching documentaries and YouTube videos of other parrots.

    Because of those videos, I'm now considering getting a budgie -- but for me, not because my tiel is lonely or anything. Based on my research, I'd say cockatiels and budgies seem like my two favorite species, so I'm curious what it's like to have both at the same time. Budgies seem so cute, and I love their little voices and tweets, but I know they're a lot more hyper than my laid-back cockatiel.

    My main concern is if my tiel will change at all having another bird in the house. We have a very strong bond and hang out a lot, so I wouldn't want him getting jealous of me handling another bird, or be more interested in the other bird than me. I don't know if it makes a difference that the other bird would be a different species. I'd aim to get a male budgie since I've read males aren't as aggressive as females and tend to talk more.

    My goal would be a slow introduction over a month or two, then supervised play time if they become friends and do that for a couple months, then moving them into the same habitat if they bond well enough to do so without fighting. As for the latter, I've done lots of research on this too, so I'm well aware of the risk. I have a massive habitat almost as tall as me just for my tiel, and it seems pretty 50-50 between people who keep these two species together and separate. I also know wild flocks do have peaceful interaction with each other in Australia.

    Thanks for the info!
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    Re: What's it like having a Cockatiel and a Budgie at the same time?

    Personally, I would never house tiels and budgies together. Even with the large cage, I truly believe that each species should be with their own. I have read in some websites that budgies can be a bit bullyish with cockatiels. Through much of my resarch reading about the smaller birds like budgies, parrotletts, lovebirds... the smaller the bird, the more bullyish they are.

    Maxollie has a cockatiel and a budgie.. They are housed separately. If she does chime in, it is good idea to absorb her advice. She is very knowledgeable of both species. Please remember, the birds are domesticated, not wild like in Australia.
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    Re: What's it like having a Cockatiel and a Budgie at the same time?

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I have homed both budgies and cockatiels for many years. In my view, as long as you keep them in separate cages, and if you allow each of them out of cage separately, and have bonding time with each one, you will have no problems enjoying each of them. Set their cages a short distance apart from each other. Put some small mirrors from the pet store in the budgie's cage and a swing too! Do not use swings or mirrors for the cockatiel. They tend to be much more hormonal than budgies, experiencing controlling and sometimes aggressive behavior at hormone time, which is usually early spring and early fall. Being a smaller species, budgies do not seem to have much trouble with their hormones.

    I have a cockatiel, Penny, who is two years old. He has his own cage. And my budgie, Muffin, who will be 10 years old in October, has his own cage, and his cage sits close to Penny. The two of them talk and chatter to each other. Budgies are just as intelligent as tiels. Muffin makes the same sounds as Penny after he listens to him for awhile. Incidentally, Muffin has been blind for two years, due to having too much sugar in his seeds. There is an ingredient called Maltrodextrin which is often an ingredient in both human and bird foods. It is really sugar alcohol. He had eaten a certain brand of seed mix for several years, and I did not notice this ingredient had been added to the mix. As a result, Muffin got way too much sugar, and diabetes as a result. That affected his sight.

    But that has not stopped Muffin at all. I read on line to leave all toys, perches, and swings, mirrors, etc., in the same places in the cage, and that would help him to know where everything is in the cage. And it worked. Muffin is a happy camper every day.

    I live in a leased apartment, and having birds out of the cage is not allowed. Nevertheless, my two birds are happy in cage all the time. And even though ideally they could enjoy out of cage time, separately, they still thrive in their cages. And have had happy lives as a result.

    So my recommendation would be to get male birds. You will have a better experience with them because you do not need to deal with egg laying. Even single hens can lay eggs, and become chronic egg layers. That problem can ruin their health.

    I think you will enjoy one of each species. I know, I would be lost without my two little friends! So please consider my suggestion.
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