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Thread: H All!

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    H All!

    So glad to have found this forum.
    We have a brand new Budgie, Maddy, however, her ceres is changing from tan to purple..
    So maybe Maddy is Mattie. Will have to see if it goes blue.

    We have had her a week, today. Like others with new featherkids, she is not playing with her toys or using her cuttlebone, but she is eating (lots), and drinking water.
    She is finally not too apprehensive when I put my hand in the cage, but has yet to eat anything I offer with my hand
    Sure do love her, and cant wait until she trusts me enough to eat millett from my hand and step up.

    As question..
    I havent opened the door to let her out of the cage yet, because I'm afraid she won't go back in!
    Grateful for ideas and comments.

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    Re: H All!

    Hi, and welcome to you and Maddy!! I love the name you chose. How old is she or he? Usually females have an ivory or tan colored cere. It changes color to a crusty brown color when hormone time arrives. If Maddy is under a year old, it is too early to know for sure the sex. You could have an Avian vet do the test, or go online and order a dna sex test kit. Or, you can just wait for a few months to see if the cere turns the crusty brown color. Unless you plan on getting her or him a friend, you would not need to know the sex right now. Post some pics and we will take a look at Maddy!

    We will welcome your updates and pictures as well. Good luck with your precious Maddy!!


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