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Thread: Rudy seems scared/intimidated

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    Rudy seems scared/intimidated

    We brought him a new bigger cage and he was fine but today is the second day and he has now become such a recluse.. He is usually let out in the morning before we go to work then put back in but this morning he wanted nothing to do with getting out.. We tried offering him the usual food on our hand which he would happily eat from but today heís not done that.. He will sit on one perch in the corner and softly chirp (happy chirp) but doesnít have an interest to get out of the cage like he did when he was in the much smaller one. He will eat out of his tub of food but not the normal stuffing his face eating. We took out the toys so he isnít scared and hung them on the outside of the cage so he could get used to them then he wouldnít go near that side.. So confused right now. I did notice yesterday he had a small purple mark on his ankle but today itís gone. He hasnít been limping or favouring any leg to perch on or hold up when he sleeps... So that leads to heís not hurt or injured.. Depressed? Upset? He does small happy chirps which is confusing.. He adores Lebanese music and sings so loud and is starting to repeat words after just 10days with us.. Itís a little frustrating because weíve invested so much time into him; weíve even limited his interactions with house guests so he isnít frightened from the commotion. What do I do?
    Nina, Joe and Rudy

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    Re: Rudy seems scared/intimidated

    Time and patience are your best approach. He is still very young. Just let him do his thing and do not force him out of cage. The new cage is making him feel content apparently, which is good news. With birds, quite honestly, it ends up that they "own" us, and we try to please them constantly! I sure can testify to that! As long as he is eating and drinking, and his droppings are normal, he is singing or chirping, and is sleeping well at night, and does not seem to be sick, that is great news.

    We will welcome your updates anytime.
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