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Thread: Parrotlet fluid in abdomen

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    Parrotlet fluid in abdomen

    My 6 year old Parrotlet has been building up fluid in her abdomen since March of this year. I have been taking her to have it drained. It started having to be done every few months, to a month, to weeks now before it needs to be drained again.

    She acts normal other than the fluid build up. Vet said it was a yellowish clear fluid and each time it has gotten darker..this last time red like blood. He is draining anywhere from 6cc to 10cc. He said she has been steadily losing weight at each appt. He does not think it is fatty liver disease because she is not showing any other signs of illness.

    X-ray was inconclusive really. There is no definitive diagnoses. I left the last time in tears knowing my time with her is limited but I am not ready to just throw my hands up and give up on her. In searching the Internet, it looked as though others have gone through this on this forum but the post were as far back as 2008. Please advise if you’ve heard of this happening or any suggestions I can do to help her. I have heard of milk thistle but am at a loss as to what to buy and how much to give her. Oh and he also said the lab results showed it to be a sterile fluid. Thank you.

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    Re: Parrotlet fluid in abdomen

    Hi, and welcome. I am so sorry your precious parrotlet has this problem. Did your vet say anything about a possible stomach or intestinal tumor? How are the droppings? Are they very hard, or very watery or loose. Did the vet take any x-rays of her stomach and intestine area? Or other areas of the body. What seed or pellet mix of both has she been eating. Does she have any problem swallowing? Does she barely eat anything now? Have you fed pellets or seeds or a mix of both.

    I am thinking she could also have a tumor in her reproductive organs. I suggest you go to Facebook and find the Tailfeathers Bird Community there. Most of the folks who once used this forum have transferred over to that forum. Perhaps the person posting in 2008, might be on that forum.

    I am sending you hugs!! It is just heartbreaking to have to lose them. We will welcome your updates here and we will support you in any way we can as you go through this illness with her.

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    Re: Parrotlet fluid in abdomen

    Thank you so much. I am looking on FB but cannot find it.

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