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Thread: Depressed and Not Eating... HELP!

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    Depressed and Not Eating... HELP!

    Hi Everyone,

    My lovebird, Prince (a female 2yo), is not eating.

    She is heaving up and down when breathing, wings a bit droopy, but not breathing open-beaked or with a wet nose. Her poop is watery, she's not eating anything. She just sleeps in my hand, drinks water when its from my finger. Occasionally she does a kind of wing jerk, and seems to not be able to turn her head to sleep in her back or reach anything back there. But today I saw her preen the back of her neck a bit, so not sure what that's about.

    She's loves tearing paper out and making her nest this gigantic thing and sitting in there. It was getting dirty and her chest feathers started to get sparse, and she wasn't egg laying so I thought it was obsessive behaviour and not hygienic. 3 days ago, I removed the nesting material and left her with a little rattan basket and mat. She was looking around quite upset and then puffed up and just behaving quite unlike herself, I think I made her depressed.

    I tore up paper and put it there to replicate her nest, which she's now sitting in. She climbs up to her favourite rope and then back down to her 'new nest'.

    Feeling so rotten right now. I brought her to the vet yesterday she looked a bit puffy, not eating, looking weak and just sitting still and sleeping a lot. Vet checked her out and no injuries, not likely any infection, not likely respiratory distress, but she said that Prince seemed very stressed and a bit depressed and needs more love and time together, and some supplements as she was on the skinny side.

    Yesterday she took 3ml of a formula from the vet, but today she absolutely refused the syringe, bit chunks off my hand and accepted some drops from my finger. Her poop is basically all water now.

    What should I do? I gave her some honey water, she took a few drops. I'm so worried, I don't know what to do. Please help.

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    Re: Depressed and Not Eating... HELP!

    I am very sorry to read your post and really sad that the vet wasnt able to really help you or her out. If this truly depression because you took her nest away I would think she would be better because you gave her nesting things back. Are you sure she isnt egg bound? I hope the avian vet felt her to make sure of that. Does she like spray millet? When Boomer was ill it was the only food he would eat and we had to hold it up close to him so he could easily get to it to eat. I honestly hope this isnt something worse then depression but honestly never dealing with female birds I had no idea they would become this depressed if they lost the nest. Hopefully Ellen has ideas for you because I know she had had female birds in the past who laid eggs and got nesty.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Depressed and Not Eating... HELP!

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I am so sorry your precious Prince is not eating. Did the vet do any examination on her body such as checking to feel any lumps or cysts? I wonder if she may have an esophageal tumor since she is not eating. She may noir be able to swallow food due to a tumor. If she cannot eat food then the poop will be only water.

    I suggest you go to the pet shop and pick up a can of baby bird formula. You mix it with water and try to get her to eat some. You may have to take a baby spoon and try giving her tiny amounts of it. The formula has great nutrition with vitamins and other good ingredients. People who have baby birds often use this formula to hand feed their babies.

    Has she ever laid eggs? With egg binding the hen cannot push out the egg and a vet has to examine her bum area and feel for the egg. And then remove it. If an egg breaks inside the hen, she can get infection, or salmonella, and die.

    What diet do you feed her? Do you give her cuttlebone? Do you feed her fresh veggies and fruits? Did she eat well before getting sick? What supplements did the vet suggest? Was she always thin? I am thinking she definitely could have a tumor somewhere in her body that is causing her to lose weight and now she is not eating.

    Please respond to my post. Once I read your post, I will respond to you. Keep her warm both day and night. Cover her cage with a light weight throw, with front side open. At night cover all four sides with a small space at the bottom of the front side of her cage open, keep her cage in your bedroom and have a night light on close to her cage.

    We will watch for your update.
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