Over 12 years ago, I rescued a male cockatiel (Tweety) from a well meaning elderly gentleman who kept Tweets in a tiny cage, high on a shelf to keep him away from his dogs. Having many dogs myself, I wasn't planning on keeping him. I wanted to find him a good home, but everyone wanted to keep him in a little cage. Then I got attached! Because I couldn't spend a lot of time with him, I was able to rescue another tiel, Sunshine a few months later. Tweety was about 4 and she was 1 at the time.

Tweety was a HUGE personality. He wasn't scared of people, and of course once we adopted Sunshine he became less people friendly. I would let them both periodically out in my bedroom to fly around and would have to catch them to get them back in their cage. Tweety was self confident and would always speak up if he thought life was unfair.

Sunshine, on the other hand, seemed to adore Tweety, and totally ignore people. I could never even scratch her head.

One thing Tweety did do, was he would stalk Sunshine for a few minutes when they returned to the cage. I found that playing Frank Sinatra would calm him down. But he never got overtly aggressive with her, and she still seemed to adore him.

My poor darling, bigger than life, Tweets passed away on Friday morning due to crop failure. He was at the hospital for three days and two days later was dead. I am absolutely devastated. I honestly didn't realize how much he meant to me. I'm wracked with guilt. He was 16 but I thought I'd have another couple of years with him.

But also I've been concerned about Sunshine. Seeing her alone in a cage and in my room breaks my heart.

Here's my question. She actually doesn't seem that bothered. She's eating, and drinking normally. She's no louder or quieter than usual. Is it possible that she could be okay? Am I projecting on her? I've been researching all the alternatives: try to get her to bond with me (she's about 12/13 now), find a great home for her with another cockatiel, adopt an older cockatiel (I don't really want to but will.)

Any advice you can give will be helpful!

Thank you.